Collin Arocho
4 November 2021

Sirius Medical has unveiled the latest version the Pintuition system, its non-radioactive localization system to help guide surgeons in breast cancer and other surgeries. The updated edition of the system will be powered by the cutting-edge navigation software GPSDetect – offering real-time, directional guidance using audio and visual feedback. By combining this navigation software with its multi-sensor array, the medtech startup claims to offer unrivaled precision to locate tumors, enabling surgeons to navigate to the tumor more easily and precisely.

Sirius Pintuition with GPSDetect
Credit: Sirius Medical

The state-of-the-art navigation technology is used for the treatment of non-palpable breast cancer and other soft tissue tumor types. The new system, enhanced by GPSDetect and Sirius’ TargetLOC technology, delivers a better alternative to surgeons by offering an easy-to-use and reusable detection system that needs only a single calibration per procedure, is highly robust and can’t be deactivated or lose its signal. Furthermore, the system can replace current localization procedures without additional adoption investments.

“Our latest GPSDetect software uses our unique multi-sensor technology to provide surgeons unmatched guidance and accuracy as never seen before,” says Bram Schemers, CEO of Sirius Medical. “Pintuition is highly intuitive and our unique TargetLOC feature provides additional visual feedback to the operator when the probe is perfectly aligned above the seed.”