Collin Arocho
22 October 2019

Despite the challenging weather conditions, Eindhoven University of Technology has once again defended its reign. After more than 3,000 km through the Australian Outback, the Stella Era has earned Solar Team Eindhoven top honors in the Cruiser Class – the team’s fourth consecutive title.

Stella Era
Solar Team Eindhoven celebrate after winning their fourth straight World Solar Challenge. Credit: Bart van Overbeeke

While participants in the Cruiser Class race to the checkered flag, crossing the finish line first doesn’t guarantee the win. Along with the speed and efficiency of completing the challenge, a panel of judges also evaluates other subjective elements such as practicality, comfort, design and innovation when determining the champion. Stella Era came in first in both domains earning 111.7 points for efficiency and 93.1 points for comfort and innovations.

“It was certainly not obvious that we could become world champions for the fourth time,” reflects team manager Carijn Mulder while speaking at the event awards ceremony. “All challenges have kept the team sharp during the preparations and the race until the last moment. We’re all very proud of our high scores and the victory.”