Paul van Gerven
29 April 2021

Solliance partners TNO, Imec/Energyville and Eindhoven University of Technology have realized an 18.6 percent efficient perovskite solar cell that’s highly transparent in the near-infrared. When combined in a four-terminal tandem configuration with a Panasonic crystalline silicon cell or a Miasolé flexible CIGS cell, record power conversion efficiencies of 28.7 and 27 percent, respectively, are achieved.

Solliance solar cell
Credit: Niels van Loon

“This performance was achieved by tuning the optoelectrical properties of the perovskite solar cell to better match the optical properties of the bottom cell,” says Dong Zhang of TNO/Solliance. “Next, we determined the loss factors in the four-terminal configuration and minimized these step by step. Finally, we optimized the light management of the complete tandem device. In other words, we maximized light absorption in the tandem solar cell.”

“These excellent results form the basis for the next phase in the development, which includes upscaling of the area and the processes,” adds Mehrdad Najafi of TNO/Solliance. “Currently, low-cost upscaling processes for large-area modules and maintaining the same performance are being developed by the Solliance partners TNO and Imec/Energyville.”