Jessica Vermeer
23 January 2020

Encapsulated perovskite solar modules from Solliance have passed three established lifetime tests. Manufactured with partners TNO, Imec and Eindhoven University of Technology using industrial processes, they withstand the light soak test, damp-heat test and thermal cycling test. The modules are the first prepared by research organizations that do so. A decade ago, the novel solar technology was only stable for minutes. Passing the lifetime tests is a major milestone towards commercialization.

Solliance perovskite
An encapsulated perovskite module. Credit: Solliance/Niels van Loon

Perovskite solar cells and modules are acknowledged for their high efficiency values of up to 25.2 percent. They combine this with low-cost processability and abundant materials. They can be rigid or flexible, as well as opaque or semitransparent. Tandem modules, consisting of a semitransparent perovskite stacked on top of a conventional CIGS or silicon module, can boost the overall efficiency even further.