Collin Arocho
9 February 2021

PSV has selected Eindhoven’s Sorama to enhance fan experience at its Philips Stadium home. As the two sides enter into a 5-year deal, the football club will integrate various products from the A/V expert, including the Sorama L642 acoustic monitors, to make its state-of-the-art lighting, sound and CCTV systems even smarter.

Sorama L642
Credit: Sorama

Sorama’s L642 platform is a next-generation acoustic monitoring sensor designed for integration into smart cities to help understand sources of sound and alleviate noise pollution – which can have a damaging effect on humans. Offering scalability and easy integration, the sensor platform aims to monitor and learn where, when and how noise is created. The onboard software and AI can even trigger anomalies and classify specific sounds. Live sound events can be projected over a map using the Sorama Sound Surface, giving users more insight into sound.