Jessica Vermeer
7 January 2020

Helmond-based Spike Technologies has recently started collaborating with TNO on enhanced algorithms for improved battery performance and safety. Spike is a spinoff company from Storm Eindhoven (link in Dutch), a student project in which an electric motorcycle was developed that rode around the world in 80 days. NWO has granted a takeoff grant to explore the algorithms’ commercialization into the company’s products.

TNO Powertrains in Helmond has been conducting research into the powertrains of electric vehicles for years now. The battery research has specifically been investigating how battery utilization can be optimized in terms of performance, lifetime and safety. Spike develops and produces battery modules for a variety of applications with a focus on EVs.

Spike battery
Credit: TNO

The collaboration, aimed to be long-term, targets the integration of innovative software into the management system of Spike’s battery modules. By using algorithms developed in the research with TNO, the startup can much more accurately predict the charge state and health of batteries. This information can be used to estimate and optimize their lifetime.