Nieke Roos
30 January

TNO-ESI has enlisted the assistance of Strypes to scale up the adoption and impact of its systems engineering methodologies. As the start of their so-called implementation partnership, the ICT Group subsidiary is taking ESI’s legacy code migration approach, dubbed Renaissance, to the high-tech industry. Looking further ahead, the two will explore options to broaden their collaboration to other industry challenges and fields of expertise.

TNO ESI Strypes
TNO-ESI business director Jacco Wesselius and Todor Marinov, CEO of Strypes Bulgaria, signing the contract. Credit: TNO-ESI

The Renaissance methodology incorporates semi-automated methods to extract models from legacy code. It focuses on enhancing understanding and modernizing legacy software. Like all of Esi’s methodologies, it addresses crucial aspects like functionality, structure and code evolvability, essential for high-tech companies dealing with massive software systems.

Strypes has a broad expertise in legacy code migration. Its Nearsurance approach to assessing customer needs for code quality and developing customized migration strategies aligns well with TNO-ESI’s research-driven methodologies. As ESI’s second implementation partner, after Capgemini Engineering, the company will train its engineers for these methodologies and the accompanying tools, resulting in a Certificate of Proficiency (practitioner or expert level), and then dispatch its people to broaden industry adoption.