Paul van Gerven
5 January 2021

As of 1 January, Technobis’ Integrated Photonic Sensing (IPS) business unit is continuing as an independent entity, called Photonfirst. “With this re-branding and legal carve-out from Technobis Group, we want to emerge from our commercial stealth mode and ensure everyone knows where to go for integrated photonics sensing solutions for advanced applications,” explains CEO Daan Kersten, who was appointed CEO of Technobis Group last October. His main mission is to aggressively scale the photonics activities in scope and size, as well as geographically.

Credit: Photonfirst

Technobis started developing integrated-photonics technology to measure temperature, strain and shape in 2006. Together with Saab, the Alkmaar-based company realized an overheating detection system for Airbus A350 planes, which recently earned it an Airbus Innovation Award. Technobis also collaborated with Astron to find applications of integrated photonics for radio astronomy telescopes.

Building on these pioneering efforts, Photonfirst says it will expand its value chain position to include sensors and application development, in order to offer end-to-end solutions to a worldwide customer base. The company will focus on end-markets like aerospace, medical, mobility and high-tech equipment.

Photonfirst will open an office at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, but its headquarters, R&D and production and packaging will remain in Alkmaar.

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