Paul van Gerven
7 October 2019

Photondelta and ABN Amro bank are joining Active Capital Company (ACC) in funding Technobis’ efforts to scale up its integrated photonic sensing business. ACC recently acquired a majority stake in the Alkmaar-based photonics company, now Photondelta and ABN Amro have committed an additional 7 million euros in financing. Most of the money will be used to develop application-specific sensing solutions and to invest in packaging equipment for the back-end foundry.

Technobis Gator fiber optic sensing
Credit: Technobis

The investment of Photondelta is the third in a series. Previously, photonics foundry Smart Photonics and optical chip designer Effect Photonics secured additional funding from the public-private partnership. However, only in the Technobis deal an additional private investor – ABN Amro – is involved.