Nieke Roos
30 September 2020

Thales and the University of Twente (UT) have extended their collaboration to include multidisciplinary topics such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. The two already have a long-standing partnership, involving temporary research projects, as well as structural joint efforts like the T-Xchange serious gaming initiative. The new agreement gives them more flexibility to define specific programs, projects and funding proposals across university faculties and (international) branches of the Hengelo-based company.

Thales UT signing
Thales Netherlands CTO Lukas Roffel (left) and UT chief development officer Geert Dewulf (right) seal the new deal. Credit: University of Twente

It was time to take the collaboration to the next level, says UT chief development officer Geert Dewulf. “Thales was looking for a new way of working together, in which we can also easily address other topics, spanning multiple disciplines. Topics we both view as strategic and adding value to our collaboration, such as AI and cybersecurity, which have only become more relevant during the corona crisis. We’re going to intensify our partnership, for example by working more closely together in national and international AI agendas and expanding our jointly developed Brain Computer Interfaces Fieldlab.”