Jessica Vermeer
27 May 2020

The Netherlands is a brain exchange for AI research, instead of a brain drain region, reports the Rathenau Instituut. The institute’s factsheet on the international mobility of AI scientists shows the Netherlands to have a high circulation of AI scientists and thus is succeeding in connecting scientists with a high citation impact. It ranks fourth in average citation impact, right behind the US, Canada and the UK.

Rathenau citation impact AI
Average citation impact of AI publications per country (2013-2018). Credit: Elsevier 2020, subset generated by the Rathenau Instituut

According to the factsheet, the citation impact scores of Dutch AI research and researchers are high, which is an indicator of the quality. The impact scores of departing researchers are slightly higher than those of incoming AI scientists, as it is for most countries. The majority of publications (60 percent) from the Netherlands are a result of international collaboration.