Collin Arocho
9 May 2019

Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed the world’s first color scanning electron microscope, according to the analysis equipment specialist. The new ColorSEM technology allows for integrated elemental analysis with color imaging, an industry first. By making color-differentiated scans of elemental content, rather than utilizing the current standard of greyscale, researchers can see a much clearer picture and immediately spot features or defects in a sample area, in a way they never could before. Additionally, these color images are available instantly on the SEM user interface. Thus, eliminating the need to switch to energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy – the second stage in the conventional process for analysis – essentially combining two steps into one.

By addressing the issues of process integration and forming a clearer picture, Thermo Fisher believes that this new technology could be extremely helpful in providing more complete sample information, could be less intimidating for an inexperienced user and potentially increase productivity. “Immediate access to colorized elemental information means our customers can see differences they may have otherwise missed in regular SEM imaging. It also provides users of all experience levels with more intuitive information that can propel their research forward,” said President of Materials and Structural Analysis, Mike Shafer.

Thermo Fisher Prisma
Thermo Fisher’s Prisma E SEM for materials science is the first scanning electron microscope to use ColorSEM technology. Photo: Thermo Fisher