Paul van Gerven
23 April 2019

Lionix International and Qurin Diagnostics last week announced the acquisition of Surfix, a Wageningen-based supplier of custom-made nanocoatings for life science applications. In developing a biophotonic diagnostic platform for early cancer detection, Surfix’s technology almost literally glues together Lionix’s photonics expertise with Qurin’s oncological knowledge, says Qurin CEO Coenraad van Kalken.

Cancer diagnosis currently depends on expensive and time-consuming molecular techniques. Qurin aims to develop a platform that can detect and monitor cancer from urine samples. The company headquartered in Amsterdam had already been working closely with Lionix and Surfix on it, and together they decided it would be best to join forces.

“With this acquisition, Qurin and Lionix strengthen their technology position by adding Surfix’s biofunctionalization technology to their portfolio,” the companies state in a press release. Surfix CEO Luc Scheres adds: “With Qurin and Lionix International, Surfix gets strong strategic partners to enable further growth and development of the company.”

Surfix biosensor_web
Artist impression of a biosensor with a Surfix coating. Illustration: Surfix