Jessica Vermeer
10 December 2019

TNO has made a completely new design for the classical optical Raman spectrometer. It enables the analysis of gases using an instrument that’s significantly smaller and cheaper than a conventional gas chromatograph. Applications can be found in the energy sector and food industry, for instance, in the production of hydrogen, which can contribute to the energy transition.

The new design is based on a patented TNO invention, initially intended for the analysis of liquids and solids in medical applications. It was re-developed for the precise measurement of gas composition. TNO has licensed the technology to Hobré Instruments, a company it has been working with for many years.

TNO Raman spectrometer
Credit: TNO

Instruments based on the new design can be produced in large numbers at a reduced cost. For Hobré, the Raman spectrometer is a perfect addition to its existing portfolio of analysis tools. The company will continue to work closely with TNO to further explore the technology for other applications in the energy domain.