Paul van Gerven
1 December 2021

TNO is starting a pilot production line for intermediary PV products on the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven. Using rolls or sheets with photovoltaic material, various applications are developed and produced in collaboration with the business community, such as solar roof tiles or facade systems.

TNO’s pilot line will soon supply rolls or sheets with photovoltaic materials. Credit: Bram Saeys

According to Peter Toonssen, business developer at TNO, the campus location will provide the space and facilities required to establish and run the production line. “We can conduct development and pilot production activities here, as well as set up an office and receive visitors. This is perfect for the stage our project is currently in,” says Toonssen.

Part of TNO’s Eindhoven team, which currently works from Solliance on the High Tech Campus, will move to the BIC in 2022. Some equipment has already been installed there; the rest will be added halfway through next year. Toonssen: “We can help companies get their production process sorted out. They don’t have to make large investments in equipment to do that. And we’re very flexible: both on the roll and in sheets, in all sizes and capacities and with the desired structure – we can supply it all.”

In addition, says Toonssen, it’s a possibility that the pilot line will spawn commercial spinoff activities.