Collin Arocho
2 December 2021

Geolocation and navigation expert Tomtom has announced the release of its first-of-a-kind open digital cockpit software platform for the automotive domain. The Amsterdam-based company’s Indigo platform aims to unify all passenger and driver displays through a common user interface that provides access and control to a vehicle’s full range of controls, such as climate, audio, system settings and navigation, among others. Additionally, the integration of Indigo with in-vehicle systems, including vehicle sensors, enables it to display reliable practical information linked to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), compute more accurate EV range estimates and pre-condition EV batteries for faster charging.

Tomtom Indigo
Credit: Tomtom

With its focus on providing an independent, vendor-neutral solution, the Indigo platform offers carmakers, system integrators, software development companies and content providers an open and secure environment to develop software and apps. Tomtom’s comprehensive software development kit, which includes powerful APIs, supporting documentation and code examples, has already garnered the attention and participation of some of the biggest names in technology, including Bosch, Harman, Microsoft, Amazon Alexa and several others.

“With Indigo, we give carmakers a powerful, flexible and cost-effective development environment to create class-leading digital experiences that will take a fraction of the time and the usual cost,” says Harold Goddijn, CEO of Tomtom. “Indigo is the way forward. It provides a platform for carmakers to deploy modern software development principles like rapid prototyping, fast deployment and incremental improvements. With Indigo, carmakers and their software partners have a framework for efficient collaboration, continuous integration and incremental improvement. Thanks to online connectivity and an open and ever-growing ecosystem of app developers and service providers.”