Paul van Gerven
23 November 2022

Several countries have asked TSMC to set up shop in their territories, but the foundry is likely to disappoint many of them, company founder Morris Chang said at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Thailand. Chang didn’t reveal which countries he was referring to, Focus Taiwan writes.

TSMC fab 2
Credit: TSMC

During the economic forum, Chang confirmed that TSMC will build another leading-edge fab in Arizona. Production in the company’s first fab on US soil, of which construction started last year, is scheduled to begin in 2024. In addition, the Taiwanese foundry is building a specialty fab in Japan.

There have been several reports that TSMC is also looking into Europe, particularly Germany, as a fab location. The company has made few public statements about these rumored plans, except to report that there was nothing to report yet.