Paul van Gerven
18 June 2019

In trying to fulfill about 150 new scientific positions over the coming years, Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE) will preferentially hire women. Only when a vacancy cannot be filled by a woman after six months of searching, male candidates will be considered. This rule will be in effect for a year and a half, starting 1 July. Afterward, the percentage of ‘women-only vacancies’ may be adjusted to less than 100 percent. All in all, TUE wants at least half of all newly appointed assistant professors to be women. The minimum for associate professors and full professors will be 35 percent.

Under this scheme, female newcomers will receive an additional bonus: for each new Fellow in this program, the TUE Board will make an additional 100,000 euros available for their research. They’re also offered a special mentoring program.


“It has long been known that a diverse workforce performs better. It leads to better strategies, more creative ideas and faster innovation. That’s why we’ve had measures in place for years to increase the low percentage of women among our academic staff, but we’re progressing too slowly. We’re aware that we’re suffering from an implicit gender bias. We now make a big step forward in one fell swoop,” explains TUE Rector Frank Baaijens.