Nieke Roos
15 March 2022

Eindhoven University of Technology has acquired a new machine for spatial atomic layer deposition from their fellow townspeople at SALD. The delivery is part of a comprehensive collaboration between the university and the startup in a national research project funded by the Dutch research council NWO to open up new application areas for the deposition technology, for example in Li-ion batteries. The equipment has been installed in the laboratory of TUE professor Erwin Kessels, where it will be used to test SALD processes in various conditions.

SALD glovebox small
SALD’s research tool fitted with a glove box to perform ALD experiments in a controlled atmosphere. Credit: for SALD

“Access to this laboratory tool will be invaluable for the success of the project,” comments project manager Bart Macco, a co-worker in Kessels’ lab. “We can use it to test new processes, new materials and new substrates very quickly.” The SALD machine is optimized for R&D and can be easily adjusted to assess the influence of different parameters on the SALD process.