Jessica Vermeer
6 July 2020

Under the umbrella of the Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI), Eindhoven University of Technology has set up a new ICAI lab. The lab, dubbed EAISI AIMM (AI-enabled Manufacturing and Maintenance), is a collaboration with industrial partners Marel, KMWE, Lely and Nexperia and is under the academic supervision of Ivo Adan and Geert-Jan van Houtum. It aims to improve decision-making in manufacturing and maintenance using artificial intelligence.

Credit: EAISI

TUE set up EAISI in 2019. The university sees a growing trend in which AI is used to carry out very advanced tasks. According to the TUE, creating the EAISI AIMM lab is an obvious evolution of the program.

As part of the initiative, seven PhD research positions will be created with the business partners. The research areas will be directly related to topics such as autonomous agents and robotics, computer vision, decision-making, information retrieval, knowledge representation and reasoning, natural language processing and machine learning.

The university expects the EAISI AIMM lab to become a good starting point for new initiatives, such as the development of online training courses and the placement of master and final-year bachelor students in projects with companies. The lab will also provide companies with better access to expertise in potential applications of artificial intelligence, such as improved planning, detecting production anomalies, predicting quality issues and enabling rapid analysis of the underlying causes.


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