Paul van Gerven
3 December 2020

Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht are expanding their partnership. In October 2019, they announced a four-year collaboration agreement involving a total investment of 24 million euros. This arrangement is now intensified to an eight-year alliance with plans to invest 50 million euros in joint research and education projects. Through cooperation with businesses and other organizations, the total investment could increase to double that amount.


The focus of the collaboration, carrying the motto “Challenging future generations,” will be on societal challenges involving health, energy, food and sustainability. In keeping with the motto, young, prominent researchers have been asked to take the initiative. To this end, the representatives of the four ‘Young Academies’ of the institutions have joined forces. The partners hope this will promote thinking outside the box and encourage risk-taking.

“As academic institutions, we have a joint responsibility to find solutions to the major societal challenges facing the Netherlands and Europe – now more than ever. This is a terrific, quality-driven alliance and highly complementary, which means that we have outstanding odds of contributing solutions and making a real impact. My expectations are very high,” commented Robert-Jan Smits, president of Eindhoven University of Technology.