Paul van Gerven
11 September

Delft Circuits and Orange Quantum Systems have both found new capital. Delft Circuits, specializing in I/O cabling solutions for the quantum industry, raised 6.3 million euros in an investment round led by the DeeptechXL Fund. The investment will be used primarily to upgrade the production capacity and finance the necessary growth of the team.

Delft Circuits
Delft Circuits’ Crioflex I/O module for a quantum computer. Credit: Delft Circuits

Meanwhile, Orange QS picked up 1.5 million euros in pre-seed capital in its first external funding round, which was co-led by QDNL Participations and Cottonwood Technology Fund. Orange focuses on diagnostics tools for the quantum R&D market and will use the proceeds to develop a new generation of high-throughput qubit testing equipment.