Paul van Gerven
5 April 2022

Nexperia’s acquisition of the Welsh Newport Wafer Fab (NWF) is again causing political turmoil in the UK. Politicians are up in arms after Politico reported that the government had “quietly approved” the sale following a review by the national security adviser, who concluded that there were not enough security concerns to block it. The BBC, however, has learned that “the business secretary can, and still might, intervene.”

Newport Wafer Fab
Credit: Newport Wafer Fab/Nexperia

In a statement to the UK’s national broadcaster, Nexperia wrote, “Nexperia has read some press articles reporting about a UK governmental decision to not intervene in Nexperia’s acquisition of the Newport Wafer Fab of July 2021. Nexperia hasn’t been notified of such a decision, hasn’t heard on this matter from the UK government since it acquired the fab and previously informed the government to be ready to cooperate with any review.”