Paul van Gerven
5 December 2023

More US allies might be expected to curb more sales of sensitive technologies to China, Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo warned. “I can’t say it enough: we have to get even more serious about working with our allies. It’s not okay if we deny China something, and the Japanese and the Germans are selling them component parts to make an EUV tool,” she said during a keynote presentation at the Reagan National Security Forum.

Gina Raimondo
Gina Raimondo at the World Economic Forum in 2022. Credit: WEF via Flickr

Raimondo stressed the need to further tighten export controls. “We’re a couple of years ahead of China. No way are we going to let them catch up. We can’t let them catch up. So we’re going to deny them our most cutting-edge technology,” she said. Additionally, reinforcement of the curbs need to be beefed up. To this end, the Biden administration is “building a more muscular Commerce Department to take on these challenges,” Raimondo assured.