Paul van Gerven
16 February 2022

The University of Twente has established the Molecules Center. Part of the Mesa+ Institute, this center of expertise aims to connect UT scientists with a molecular perspective and put the university’s molecular research on the map.

UT Molecules Center
Credit: UT

The center is organized around five themes. Sensing Molecules & Healthy Living, spearheaded by Jurriaan Huskens, focuses on using molecules to pick up signals and translate them into information that’s useful for improving health and the environment. Computing Molecules & (Opto)Electronics, led by Christian Nijhuis, aims to develop molecules that can be integrated with current and future electronics. “We want to add to instead of replace current electronics. By designing new molecules that are complementary to the current-day technologies we can drastically lower energy usage”, explains Nijhuis. The remaining three themes are Functional Molecules & Smart Materials (lead: Saskia Lindhoud), Green Molecules & Sustainability (Frederik Wurm) and Biological Molecules & Networks (Julieta Paez).