Collin Arocho
8 October 2020

UT graduates Tyrell Pantophlet and Victor Okora are looking to change the waste recycling game. Recently, the duo planned to unveil the Plaex AI-based trash cans that automatically sort waste, citing the issues of “insufficient recycling” as the leading cause. While the Plaex system was due to be showcased at UT’s Sustainability Week, the event was cancelled as a result of the current corona restrictions. Nonetheless, the founders are ready to move forward.

UT graduates Tyrell Pantophlet (left) and Victor Okoro (right) with their smart recycling bin Plaex. Credit: University of Twente

The current prototype is based on the Dutch waste stream that has four internal bins for PMD (plastic and metal packaging), paper, organic and residual waste. However, the exact technology hasn’t been disclosed, as it is patent pending. “In essence, the bin uses AI made by us, combined with object detection and other tools,” describes CEO Pantophlet. “It’s able to identify the trash and place it into the correct compartment inside the bin. It’s based on machine learning, and so the system gets better the more it’s used.”