Nieke Roos
19 January 2022

Vanderlande’s concept for a self-screening passenger security checkpoint solution for airports has been selected for assessment by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It will be further designed, developed and operationally tested as part of a DHS program to improve screening efficiency and the experience of passengers. The innovative concept combines Vanderlande’s screening lanes and smart virtual divest assistant solution with the quick personnel security scanner from Rohde & Schwarz and the secure access control systems of Dormakaba.

Vanderlande self screening concept
Credit: Vanderlande

“There has been a clear trend towards passenger self-service solutions at airports, allowing for more efficiency and independence for passengers,” says Vanderlande’s Executive Vice President Airport and Parcel Solutions and Board Member, Andrew Manship. “We’re excited to explore the potential of self-service security checkpoint solutions together with our partners and the US Department of Homeland Security.”