Collin Arocho
17 November 2020

VDL and German automotive parts manufacturer Elringklinger have entered into a new strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to develop and industrialize fuel cell stacks and systems for mobile and stationary applications such as gensets, hybrid vehicles or vehicles with range extender. In the partnership, Elringklinger will be tasked with customer-specific development and production of fuel cell stacks, while Eindhoven’s VDL will focus on system integration and testing under real condiditons.

Credit: VDL

“With this cooperation, we’re not only intensifying our collaboration with VDL in fuel cell technology but also creating the basis for further developing hydrogen-based drive technologies for heavy-duty mobility,” says Armin Diez, VP of fuel cell at Elringklinger. “Together with our contractual partner, we’re working towards establishing the fuel cell as a pioneering drive technology within the commercial vehicle sector over the coming years.”