Collin Arocho
21 April 2020

Enschede’s Soundenergy has announced that it’s receiving a helping hand in upscaling its modular cooling systems. The boost comes from VDL Energy Systems, which will provide engineering and manufacturing support to develop Soundenergy’s current 25-40 kW Theac-25 to a Theac-200, producing 120-200 kW of cooling. The scaled-up modular unit is designed to be stackable into the megawatt range and has already garnered serious attention from the heavy industry and martitime sectors.

Soundenergy Theac 25
Soundenergy’s Theac-25. Credit: Soundenergy

Soundenergy’s Theac-25 is a thermoacoustic energy converter. Its core function is converting heat into cold, by feeding heat input into one side of the system, which results in 25-40 kW cold output – enabling the production of cold air or cold water. The output can reach temperatures as low as -25 °C. In all, the Theac-200 is expected to more than double cooling capacity while also reducing fuel burn, lowering emissions and contributing to opex reductions. According to Soundenergy, over the lifetime of each unit, savings can amount to 15,000 tons of CO2, 21 tons of particulate matter, 175 tons of NOx and over 1 million euros from decreased maintenance, fuel burn and capital expenditure.

It’s precisely these features that caught the attention of VDL Energy Systems. “We’re excited to support Soundenergy in the upscaling of their technology and further support the energy transition,” comments Ivo Wessels, managing director of VDL’s energy branch. “We see great potential for the Theac-200 to contribute to energy and economic savings in industry and maritime, making companies more sustainable and more profitable at the same time.”