Paul van Gerven
21 October 2020

NXP has announced that Volkswagen has adopted its battery management system (BMS) into its modular electric propulsion platform (Modularer E-Antriebs-Baukasten, MEB). The carmaker will use the BMS in every Volkswagen Group vehicle based on the MEB, NXP CEO Kurt Sievers said during a keynote presentation at the start of NXP’s annual developer conference. The Volkswagen Group sells twelve brands, including Audi, Seat, Skoda and Porsche.

NXP Volkswagen
NXP CTO Lars Reger (left) and CEO Kurt Sievers (right) talking battery management with Volkswagen’s Holger Manz. Credit: NXP

“As part of the first wave of Volkswagen’s battery electric vehicle initiative, we’ll deliver up to 75 full-electric vehicle models to market by 2029,” said Holger Manz, Head of Development for Vehicle Energy Supply and High Voltage Systems at Volkswagen AG. “Incorporating a functionally safe battery management system that can scale across many car models makes it easier to achieve the full power potential of a battery, optimized range and the extension of the battery’s lifetime.”

According to NXP, 16 of the top 20 carmakers have incorporated its BMS in their designs.