Jessica Vermeer
28 April 2020

Wendy de Jong has been appointed the new managing director of regional development company Oost NL. As of 1 July, she’ll take over from Marius Prins. De Jong is a trained business economist and lawyer and has extensive experience in the financial sector, in addition to her experience as an advisor and supervisory director. In the past few years, she was an advisor for Governanceq, an independent consultancy company focused on the governance and supervision of semi-public institutions and professional service providers.

Oost NL Wendy de Jong
Credit: Oost NL

According to De Jong, times like these emphasize the central goal of development agencies, which is to strengthen the regional economy in a sustainable way. As she accepts her new role, she’ll step down as supervisory director of Topfonds Gelderland, of which Oost NL is the fund manager. She’ll remain a member of the supervisory board of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and a member of the supervisory board of Ambulance Amsterdam.