Jessica Vermeer
9 January 2020

Leuven-based Xenomatix and Italian tier-one automotive supplier Marelli have announced a technical and commercial development agreement. At CES in Las Vegas, the duo revealed that the Imec spinoff will provide Marelli’s Automotive Lighting division with its solid-state lidar modules for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) applications. With the agreement, Xenomatix effectively becomes a tier-two supplier to the automotive industry.

Lidar sensors are widely recognized in the automotive field for ADAS and AD applications such as lane change assist, highway pilot and traffic jam assist. Xenomatix’ solid-state lidar sensor is based on proven semiconductor technology designed for mass production (link in Dutch). With this sensor, Marelli’s Automotive Lighting division can provide high reliability and long-range coverage.

Credit: Xenomatix

Different from other lidar offerings, Xenomatix uses non-scanning lidar and achieves high resolution, reliability and durability. Leveraging its investments in perception technology, Marelli will be able to add object recognition and classification capabilities, based on AI, to the lidar systems built with Xenomatix components.

Marelli’s Automotive Lighting division holds a leading position at key OEMs worldwide, which will be a key enabler for the full-scale deployment of these solutions in the coming years. In 2019, the company strengthened its competence in the ADAS/AD domain with the introduction of the Smart Corner, a solution integrating sensors for AD within vehicle head and taillights.


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