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Micron ban marks Beijing’s first counterpunch

For the first time, the Chinese government is specifically denying a US chip company access to (some of) its markets.


Dutch government scrutinizes Nowi takeover by Nexperia

Dutch Economic Affairs minister Micky Adriaansens is following through on the previously announced investigation.


Export restrictions prompt KMWE to open Chinese subsidiary

The semicon supplier’s new plant in China manufactures the same products as an existing location in Malaysia, but exclusively for the Chinese market.


Nearfield bags scale-up capital

The Rotterdam-based manufacturer of semiconductor metrology equipment will use the funding from Invest-NL, Innovation Industries and TNO to advance its production capabilities and strengthen its product portfolio.


TUE and NXP forge 300 GHz research alliance

The partners have agreed to make knowledge and data as well as the necessary employees and students available through a new roadmap.


Quix, QMware debut integrated HPC-quantum platform for cloud computing

Enschede-headquartered Quix Quantum and Switzerland’s QMware are setting up the world’s first fully integrated quantum-classical computing data center at Quix’s home base.


Photondelta and Oneplanet serve up Agrifood roadmap

The Integrated Photonics for Agrifood roadmap details the future role of integrated photonic technology in food production and distribution, maximizing yield and minimizing waste.


Working efficiently with a standardized language

Why do engineers still fail to deliver solutions that customers demand? Usually, communication is the major stumbling block. Eric Burgers explains how SysML helps to successfully communicate design ideas for complex systems.

In other news

US ‘won’t tolerate’ China’s ban on Micron chips (Reuters)
TSMC in talks for up to half German plant’s cost in subsidies (Bloomberg)
TSMC workers asked to find “bomb” notes in machinery (Tom’s Hardware)
HightechXL joins European network of startup ecosystem builders (press release)



Survive the war for staff with Industry 5.0

Industry 4.0 can help us tackle societal issues, but we need a more human-centric approach, argues Anton Duisterwinkel.


Protagonist rule #12: Always keep exploring

If we keep doing the things we know we like and are good at, we stop growing, developing and self-actualizing.


Dealing with dependencies

In his book, “The waves of Agile,” Derk-Jan de Grood gives practical tips to create a learning organization that delivers quality solutions with business value. In a series of blogs, he shares some of his practical experiences.


Semi: chip market slowly turns about in H2 2023

The current global semiconductor manufacturing industry contraction is expected to moderate in the second quarter of 2023 and give way to a gradual recovery starting in the third quarter.


Nexperia: “We’re an asset, not a threat”

Nexperia has been caught in the crosshairs lately due to growing Western concerns about China. Wrongfully so, says the chipmaker.