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Holst Centre uses controlled explosions to print

A new printing technique developed at TNO’s Holst Centre could be a godsend for chip and electronics assembly and display manufacturing.

Gigabyte and Asperitas make it easy to run data centers cool

Gigabyte Technology has joined forces with Asperitas to offer immersion cooling solutions that deliver ultimate sustainable performance for data centers.

TSMC pulled the plug on 450-mm wafers for fear of Intel

Not costs or the arduous concurrent development of EUV lithography killed the 450-millimeter project, but competitive considerations.

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Ask the headhunter

A Dutch chip company has offered me an interesting job. Because of administrative complications, they’ve asked me to work from my home in Moscow for the time being. How do I arrange that in the current circumstances?

Boost your digitalization: design thinking & lean startup

Use design thinking to build deep empathy with the customer to improve the quality of the ideas generated as part of the innovation process and apply lean startup thinking to ensure the lowest cost and shortest time per innovation experiment.