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Amazec recycles ASML technology to diagnose heart failure

Technology originally developed to measure vibrations in ASML equipment can also be used to diagnose heart failure. It got Technobis founder Pim Kat so excited that he’s postponing retirement to bring it to the market.

Time management skills help “get more done with less stress”

Distractions and disruptions are the enemies of work efficiency. To push through and keep your daily tasks on track, time management skills are a necessity. Looking for tools and tips to enhance your workplace efficiency? High Tech Institute’s “Time management in innovation” training has you covered.

Industry 5.0 – already?

Angelo Hulshout has the ambition to bring the benefits of production agility to the market and set up a new business around that. This business, Shinchoku, is working hard to get its shop window online and its message out there.

Twenty years in the making, the photonic big bang is near

Over the past two decades, on more than one occasion the time seemed right for integrated-photonics technology to move beyond niche applications. Now finally, everything is lined up for that to happen, says Lionix International CEO Arne Leinse. It will require one more bold investment push, however.

In other news

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Tokyo Electron to collaborate with ASML-Imec joint high-NA lab (Digitimes)
Autonomous system picks up litter from ocean floor (TU Delft)

10 outdated beliefs about software

Jan Bosch still runs into a lot of very experienced people who are operating on an outdated belief system about software. This isn’t just the case for practitioners but also for customers, managers and senior leaders.

The shop assistant

We stopped teaching our children that not everything in life is fun – and that’s a big problem, argues a grumpy old engineer.