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Dutch semicon companies stand tall at start of downturn

As the industry braces for a downturn, Dutch semiconductor companies are still going strong.

China won’t escalate in tech war with US

China has always shown restraint in trade conflicts, carefully avoiding escalation and domestic economic harm. So too will it try to seek a truce in the current tech war with the US while pursuing other means to continue its ascent as a global superpower.

Event sourcing in smart industry

Angelo Hulshout has the ambition to bring the benefits of production agility to the market and set up a new business around that. He explains how a software engineering practice can help.

Daan Kersten parts with Photonfirst to polish fast-growing gems

Confronted with global economic headwinds, Photonfirst is forced to shore up ambitions to go public in 2025, prompting CEO Daan Kersten to step aside and start his own company.

In other news

Germany poised to block sale of Elmos wafer fab to Chinese owner (Bloomberg)
TSMC reportedly building 1nm chip fab in northern Taiwan (Taiwan News)
Chipmakers are crippling products to evade US China ban (The Register)
Germany hedges its bets on quantum with €67M trapped-ion deal (EE News)

Ask the headhunter

It would be ideal for me to carry out my technical and management consultancy from my home in Congo. Unfortunately, in my security work, this conflicts with essential certification principles. What can you advise me?

Boost your digitalization: ecosystem dimension

We should view the ecosystem as an equilibrium of forces we can influence. Platformization provides a great basis for changing it in our favor.