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Benelux students gear up for the World Solar Challenge

Every two years, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge brings students and innovators, from all over the world, to Australia for a chance to compete and to push the limits of solar cars.

Turbocharging the silicon solar cell to 35 percent efficiency

Move aside tandem solar cells, there may be a better way to increase the performance of PV systems. Managing to bring into practice a four-decade-old idea, MIT researchers light a path to silicon solar cells with an efficiency of 35 percent.


“EU wants own sub-5nm fab by 2030”
Dekimo expands east
Micledi displays staying power with €7M investment
“NXP takes a cut from a 2.2 billion dollar patent win”
Hiber launches IoT solution for heavy-machine monitoring
Semiotic Labs gets a new investment and a new identity

Photonic myths

Setting expectations so unrealistically high that they can never be met will eventually result in a backlash, endangering the entire effort to build an integrated photonics industry in the Netherlands. Not to mention the fact that it pisses off the electronics folks to no end.

In other news

Twente hydrogen car on top of the world (U-Today)
Europe boosts 5G over Wi-Fi for connected cars (Reuters)
On-chip cooling emerges to take the heat (EE Times)

Is your work meaningful?

Some people crave vacation to get a reprieve from the constant grinding of a job that has lost its luster. Use the time that you’re away to reflect on whether your work is (still) meaningful to you.