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Advancing animal health through AI

Developed by Royal GD in collaboration with Alten, the Ethometer camera system employs advanced AI techniques to provide valuable insights for improving animal welfare and promoting natural behavior among chickens.


The world’s heaviest Schrödinger cat points to more robust quantum bits

Researchers at ETH Zurich have created the heaviest Schrödinger cat to date by putting a crystal in a superposition of two oscillation states. This may help to make quantum bits more stable.


Report: EUV double-patterning pain slowed down TSMC’s 3nm ramp

High EUV double-patterning cost prompted TSMC to delay the introduction and ramp of 3nm chips, according to EE Times.


UT’s Bram Nauta turns down Nexperia

Wary of the chipmaker’s Chinese owner, University of Twente’s IC design professor Bram Nauta has decided to refuse a research collaboration with Nexperia.


Chinese intermediaries funnel US chips into Russia

Companies from Hong Kong and mainland China are shipping large amounts of US-made semiconductors to Russia, according to an investigation by the Nikkei.


The Unified Namespace – how to build one?

Angelo Hulshout takes a deeper dive into Industry 4.0. Continuing with the Unified Namespace, he discusses a potential technical implementation and the possibility of using it to control a manufacturing system.

In other news

Nxtgen Hightech program officially launched (press release)
TMC expands to Africa (press release)
Infineon to set up driverless car design center with Foxconn (EENews)



Does the ivory tower of academia still have an elevator?

Where’s the real-world impact of the grandiose claims being made in high-impact journals, wonders Martijn Heck.


Protagonist rule #9: Take care of yourself

Not doing so doesn’t only negatively affect our life expectancy and our mental state but also has adverse effects on our performance.


Gartner lowers semiconductor outlook – again

The current downturn is proving worse than the market researcher previously anticipated.

Future Horizons maintains bearish outlook for IC market

Analyst Malcolm Penn has reiterated his forecast of a 20-ish percent semiconductor market decline this year.


ASM results confirm cooling chip market

ASM International posted higher-than-guided revenue but lower order intake, demonstrating that the semicon market is cooling.


First uptick in monthly IC sales since May 2022

Worldwide semiconductor sales in March increased by 0.3 percent compared to the month before.


Most of the chip market is in trouble, but ASML is fine

As dark clouds are gathering over the semiconductor industry, ASML has enough bright spots left to weather the storm.