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Throwing money

With the world in desperate need of green technology and Europe increasingly getting squeezed between the US and China, the Dutch government needs to step up and really invest in education and innovation.


ICT sheds minority stake in Greenflux
Automotive IC market share slips in 2020 after steady gains since 1998
Arcobel and Core Vision acquired by partner Dual Inventive
Philips and Elekta enhance partnership for personalized oncology care
Demcon delves into the defense domain
ASML suspects stolen IP is being commercialized in China
Dutch hydrogen battery goes commercial
National quantum HQ arises on campus TU Delft
Nearfield Instruments gets €17.5M capital injection
Omnidots’ Swarm sensor secures €1M investment
Dutch mobility experts join forces to accelerate transition to EVs
Sylvia van Es appointed president Philips Netherlands
Rikus Wolbers to step down as NTC director
Surfix’ biophotonic diagnostic platform attracts €8.5M investment

Envision sees clearer with Google Glass integration

After a year of discussions with Google, Yes!Delft startup Envision is ready to announce the integration of its AI-driven software for the visually impaired with the tech giant’s Google Glass solution.

In other news

Engineering solar cells using papaya enzymes (TU Delft)
HPE-AMD supercomputer to blow past rivals (CNET)
Tesla is eyeing Nashville for Cybertruck gigafactory (Techcrunch)

Combining innovation and operation

Combining innovation and operation is difficult but also essential to ensure the longevity of the company. My experience is that in most companies, the two are conflicting, with the investment in innovation often being the victim.