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Dutch industry veterans bag €1.3M to raise device security and circularity

Building on an idea once co-conceived by Mapper, Eindhoven-based Sandgrain is developing an integrated solution for trusted authentication of connected systems by combining hard-coded ICs and a cloud platform. DeeptechXL is backing the startup with a seed investment.


Twente-based photonics foundry finds funding

A spinoff from the Mesa+ Nanolab at the University of Twente, New Origin will use a 6-million-euro investment from Photondelta to build the first independent manufacturing facility for SiN integrated photonic chips in the Netherlands.


Tesla’s claim of rare-earth-free drive trains has sector reeling

Tesla’s announcement of designing a rare-earth-free permanent-magnet motor has stunned the industry. What technology could possibly compete with the strongest magnet on the market?


Can the Li-ion battery ditch the anode altogether?

As crazy as it sounds, researchers are looking into eliminating the anode in lithium-ion batteries to save on space, weight and cost.


NXP favors semiconductor manufacturing in India

NXP will urge its foundry partners to set up manufacturing operations in India, according to CEO Kurt Sievers.


Report: expanded EU Chips Act gets the go-ahead

Member states are set to approve an expanded-scope EU Chips Act, covering the whole value chain, including mature chips and R&D.


Beijing weaponizes antitrust regulations in tech fight with US

The Chinese government is “holding back its required green light for mergers that involve American companies as a technology war with Washington intensifies,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

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Remove the fire blanket

Governments should take a cue from a recent German study on how to best support innovation at SMEs, says Rix Groenboom.


Protagonist rule #5: Hell yes or no

There are several strategies we can use to select more carefully and ways in which we can decline without damaging relationships.


Prodrive expands to Delft

Prodrive Technologies has opened an R&D hub near the university campus in Delft.


Growth of 300mm fab capacity picks up pace again

After dipping this year, the growth of 300mm semiconductor manufacturing capacity is set to gain momentum.


(Super)conducting research into a compact all-in-one antenna

The size of a milk carton, a quantum RF antenna has the potential of replacing a wide range of traditional, much larger antennas. At the joint lab of Thales and CNRS, near Paris, Juan Trastoy and his fellow researchers are putting their award-winning innovation on the path to maturity.