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Holst Centre betting big on the foil battery

Can billions of micropillars make for a better battery than we currently have? Yes, Holst Centre believes, after the final piece of the puzzle fell into place in the lab recently. Now, the institute is looking to scale up and commercialize the technology.


Intel: we’re getting ASML’s first high-NA tool
TSMC mulls building a fab in Germany
Lightyear rides with Finnish manufacturing partner over VDL
Smart lens from Flanders sees €8M in Series A investment
Intel rumored to be interested in buying Globalfoundries
Dutch companies join hands to supply commercial quantum computers
New center for THz technology launches at TUE
Neuromorphic AI developer Innatera boasts new chairman of the board
Printed-electronics startup Keiron sees funding lift off with NWO grant
Robin brings Scarecrow into its nest for airport bird control
Intel offers to spread chip investments across Europe
Qutech unveils scalable system for quantum communication
Touch Biometrix teams with SystematIC to put its fingerprint on the market
Jeroen Gielens joins TMC Eindhoven as managing director
Nexperia spins out ITEC equipment arm
Einstein Telescope identifies spot on European roadmap
Nexperia acquires UK fab
VDL bows out of Neways battle
Smart Photonics secures €13M million loan for scale-up
Septentrio and Xenomatix drive mm-accurate mapping and pavement analysis
VDL and UT unite to advance high-tech development and production
IC market to top $500B this year, $600B in 2023
Bronkhorst and Phix team up for high-volume assembly of flow sensors
Eindhoven Engine starts four new innovation projects
Nowi’s PMIC to power solar TV remote controls
Nearfield Instruments establishes Korean subsidiary
29 new fabs spur equipment spending
The Netherlands loses leader status in EU innovation ranking
NXP holds off on European fab ambitions
Former ASML executive Frits van Hout to support Smart Photonics

CITC and HAN course taps into increasing chip packaging complexity

As IC packaging becomes increasingly complex and integral to the success of the overall semiconductor design process, front-end engineers need to cooperate ever more closely with their back-end colleagues. CITC and the HAN University of Applied Sciences set up a packaging course to help them out.

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Ask the headhunter

A few weeks after applying for an interesting management vacancy at a wireless technology company, I received a short rejection mail. This came as a big surprise to me as I’m clearly a top candidate for the job.