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Holst Centre betting big on the foil battery

Can billions of micropillars make for a better battery than we currently have? Yes, Holst Centre believes, after the final piece of the puzzle fell into place in the lab recently. Now, the institute is looking to scale up and commercialize the technology.


Airbus NL links with Swedish Space Corp for space-to-ground optical communications
Automotive Campus on its way to private ownership
Frits van Hout to leave ASML
BOM boosts Eindhoven’s Antenna Company with a big line of credit
Philips captures Capsule
Eindhoven tech leaders open the gate to startup success
Etulipa flashes first full-color electrowetting display
ASML and ASMI stand to gain from huge TSMC capex boost
Victor van der Chijs steps down from UT executive board
Grai Matter Labs launches low-latency vision inferencer
Braincreators to launch surveillance anonymizer at Schiphol
Demcon delves into sports performance data with Johan Sports acquisition
Photonics-based spectrometry startup Mantispectra finds seed capital
Eindhoven looks to bolster AI and data science prowess for the future
Technobis carves out its photonics activities as Photonfirst
UT’s AI enhances Danish epilepsy implant
Kees Koolen gets his cleantech campus after all
Groningen office gives TMC national coverage
Smartqare’s 24/7 IoT health monitor gets Demcon backing
TBP joins VDL family
Most-read in 2020: ASML and China, fever scanners and Intel stumbling
Europe tunnels 4.8 million into Qblox’s quantum control systems
Nearfield Instruments sells its first metrology system
Did ASML just lose some business?
Imec turns FinFETs into biosensors
Waylay’s platform lays the groundwork for Engie’s smart cabins
Eindhoven startup Altum RF to develop high-power amplifiers for ESA
Consortium set up to tackle photonics assembly costs
Leonard Donnelly to lead the way at Waylay
ASML ships 100th EUV scanner

CITC and HAN course taps into increasing chip packaging complexity

As IC packaging becomes increasingly complex and integral to the success of the overall semiconductor design process, front-end engineers need to cooperate ever more closely with their back-end colleagues. CITC and the HAN University of Applied Sciences set up a packaging course to help them out.

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Ask the headhunter

A few weeks after applying for an interesting management vacancy at a wireless technology company, I received a short rejection mail. This came as a big surprise to me as I’m clearly a top candidate for the job.