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Fire at ASML Berlin gives chipmakers a big scare

A factory fire is the last thing you want when you’re already struggling to satisfy customer demand.

The challenge for battery-powered aircraft

For the foreseeable future, aircraft with batteries as the sole onboard energy carrier will only be suitable for short regional flights. And even then, significant improvements in battery performance are required, argue TU Delft’s Henri Werij and Marnix Wagemaker.

All parts contribute to solving the puzzle

Angelo Hulshout has the ambition to bring the benefits of production agility to the market and set up a new business around that. At the start of a new year, he’s going back to the basics.

Dutch spatial ALD companies keep getting in each other’s way

It’s become a bit of a Dutch specialty: spatial atomic layer deposition. For some reason, however, it seems impossible to efficiently concentrate resources and capital in a single company. After Levitech and Solaytec competed in the PV market for years, now it looks like SALD and SALDtech will battle it out in the green tech arena.

In other news

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BMW concept car uses E Ink to change color (The Verge)

Why don’t the Dutch industry and government fund more basic research?

A mismatch between public and industrial research interests, a lack of mutual appreciation and a government unwilling to get involved are seriously harming the Dutch manufacturing industry.

Platform lesson #3: Balance architecture and continuous integration/test

In complex systems, you can’t test yourself to quality; the number of configurations often is prohibitively large. A complementary architecture refactoring initiative is required.