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There won’t be a DUV export ban to China (for now)

The Dutch government will find it easier to resist US pressure than face China’s repercussions if it would sign off on the export ban for DUV lithography equipment.

What’s more important in F1: man or machine?

Some drivers are better than others, but whoever gets to drive the best car, wins the Formula 1 championship, right? Not quite, according to new research.

High Tech Systems Center still alive and kicking

The High Tech Systems Center has been part of the Eindhoven AI institute EAISI for two years now. The mechatronics center sometimes seems to have been blown away by the AI storm, but the research themes surrounding high-tech systems go much further than just artificial intelligence. There are voices in favor of giving HTSC more of its own identity again.

In other news

Thales acquires Dutch leader in customer identity and access management (press release)
Supervisory board reappoints TUE president and vice-president (press release)
Taiwan ‘happy’ to see chip investment in EU, wants deeper ties (Reuters)
New Nvidia platform to bridge quantum-classical for HPC and AI (Tom’s Hardware)
Switzerland moves ahead with underground autonomous cargo delivery (IEEE Spectrum)

Needful things

The virtuous cycle of questions, observations, theory and technology development driving scientific and industrial progress is losing its churn. Now what?

Boost your digitalization: user innovation dimension

To thrive in a digital transformation, companies need to adjust their approach to focus on more radical, disruptive innovations as digital technologies allow for fundamentally new ways of solving customer needs.