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A glimpse of the temperature struggles in ASML’s EUV overlay project

Modeling of thermal behavior helps in field-troubleshooting and scaling of chips. Tooling substantially improves communication and adds speed to development.

Crystals made out of electrons are real

Scientists have snapped a picture of the Bigfoot of condensed matter physics: a crystal made solely from electrons.


Dutch forensic lab first to decrypt Tesla’s driving data
ASML experiencing growing pains
Government scrutinizes security ramifications of High Tech Campus deal
Kitepower’s first airborne wind energy system lifts off in Aruba
EC accelerates Hardt Hyperloop with €15M investment
Novel-T and Imec.istart team to accelerate Dutch tech startups
Midiagnostics to commercialize Imec’s Covid-19 breathalyzer test
Dutch want photonics, AI and quantum in European Chips Act
Axelera AI attracts CTO from IBM Zurich
Samsung increases EUV layers in DRAM to five

Integrated photonics will save Moore’s Law

Integrated photonics won’t replace or supplant chips but will soon become an essential technology to maintain the steady performance increases in computing we’ve come to take for granted, says Martijn Heck, scientific director of the recently launched Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute.

In other news

ASM International’s innovative divisions (Physics Today)
Intel not considering UK chip factory after Brexit (BBC)
Sony and TSMC may team up to tackle global chip shortages (Techradar)
Canada’s Rock Tech Lithium to build $544M plant in Brandenburg (Reuters)
Captain Kirk rockets to space and back (CNET)

Bits&Chips podcasts: Anton van Rossum (part 1)

René Raaijmakers talks to the innovators driving the high-tech industry. Listen (in Dutch) to researchers, developers and decision-makers speak about trends, technology, business and their motivations. In this week’s edition of the Bits&Chips podcast, headhunter Anton van Rossum on job security at big companies versus startups.

The manager I want to be

Having returned to a management position recently, Han Schaminee ponders what can kind of leader he wants to be.

Entrepreneur lesson #3: Customer interest is no evidence of buying intent

As an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, confirming willingness to pay by the stakeholder group that you’re looking to monetize is critical and generally best done as early as possible.