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The Western chip industry: fat, dumb and spoiled

If ASML’s machine deliveries to China in the second quarter of this year are the first ripples of a new race in chip technology and IC manufacturing, the Western semiconductor industry may be in for quite a storm.


Astrape Networks raises €1.6M for energy-saving data center PICs

The Eindhoven-based company founded last year develops photonic integrated circuits that help data centers save energy by eliminating all but one electrical-optical conversion.


HyET Solar raises €29M and eyes IPO

HyET Solar is completing the 40 MWp thin-film solar panel production facility at its home base in Arnhem and preparing for international scale-up.


Lightyear commences small-scale production of solar roof

A number of well-known brands are fitting models with a Lightyear roof, which should hit the road in two to three years.


Imec’s on-chip drug monitoring device raises €10M

Flemish life-sciences startup Axithra combines semiconductor process and photonics knowledge to create an on-chip Raman spectrophotometer to measure drug concentrations in a patient’s blood.


Chinese tech expats in Europe are on a mission

Efforts to ‘encourage’ Chinese techies working in Europe to return to the motherland are exceedingly successful, a US intelligence firm finds.

In other news

NXP looking to increase investment in Austin (Evertiq)
Regions team up to speed up the expansion of the European semicon industry (EU)
Electric cooling could shrink quantum computers (IEEE Spectrum)
Sony harvests electromagnetic ‘noise’ and offers milliwatts (EE News)

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AI isn’t all about speeds and feeds

Commercial success in AI isn’t merely about performance, explains Sander Arts.


There’s no such thing as “the data”

Each question we seek to answer and each variable we look to track over time needs specific data to be collected from systems in the field.


Going analog may tame AI’s exploding energy needs

IBM came up with an analog AI chip that’s 14 times more energy efficient than the best digital hardware available right now.


$53B AI semiconductor market to continue double-digit growth

By 2027, AI chip revenue is expected to be more than double the size of the market in 2023, reaching 119.4 billion dollars.


Report: Intel still needs TSMC’s capacity in 2024 and 2025

TSMC might land as much as 5.6 billion and 9.7 billion dollars in orders from Intel in 2024 and 2025, respectively, according to a Goldman Sachs Securities report.


Is Huawei’s new phone really ‘sanction defying’?

It’s too soon to conclude that China is making great headway in semiconductor manufacturing.