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US closes the net around Chinese semiconductor industry

The US has almost completely cut off China from key resources to manufacture advanced semiconductors. The Middle Kingdom has no choice but to focus on mature nodes.

Smaller FPGAs are here to stay

FPGA manufacturing is trending towards the development of increasingly bigger, faster, data-crunching power beasts, tailored to the ever-growing needs of large data centers. However, smaller FPGAs are still very much around, and they have many useful applications.

Turbocharging communication and sensor technology with indium phosphide integrated photonics

No technology platform can do it all in integrated photonics. In part II of a four-part series, we take a closer look at a base material that stands out for its ability to produce light, thus allowing for the fabrication of active components: indium phosphide.

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Additive manufacturing’s business potential extends well beyond the hardware

Selling additive manufacturing hardware is a solid business, but the real money is the ‘soft wares’ that will get these machines adopted on a wide scale, argues Anton Duisterwinkel.

Boost your digitalization: technology innovation dimension

With digitalization, the innovations that drove product success in the past need to be complemented or replaced with digital technologies and technological approaches. Three of the main ones include DevOps, A/B testing and AI.