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US-Dutch ‘deal’ on export controls reeks of coercion

With powerful unilateral measures dangling over the talks, the Netherlands had little choice.


CTO: ASML needs to double down on customer value

Cost containment will be essential to “make sure that the appetite for shrink remains strong,” CTO Martin van den Brink says in ASML’s 2022 Annual Report.


TNO spinoff starts printed-electronics production facility

Tracxon is opening a site for the mass production of hybrid printed electronics. The spinoff from TNO and Holst Centre targets automotive, healthcare and consumer applications.


Wafer-scale growth of 2D materials paves way for industrial integration

When confined to tiny pockets during growth, 2D materials play nice with silicon substrates. That’s good news for the future of chip scaling.


Dash to reshore IC manufacturing exacerbates talent shortage

The semiconductor industry will need to hire an additional 1 million employees by 2030, according to a report by Deloitte.


These are the world’s top semiconductor buyers

Apple is by far the world’s largest buyer of chips, although its spending decreased last year, according to market research firm Gartner.

In other news

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Ask the headhunter

I’m Dutch, but I’ve worked abroad all my life. Recently, Linkedin pointed me to an opening for a CEO at a little VC-backed high-tech company in the Netherlands, for which you’re the hiring agent. I think I’m an excellent fit.


PD fallacy #8: the bill of materials has the highest priority

Instead, we need to shift to lifetime value by monetizing continuous value delivery and platformizing our entire product portfolio.


The Unified Namespace – to boldly go where we should have gone before

Angelo Hulshout takes a deeper dive into Industry 4.0, starting with the Unified Namespace, a concept that’s slowly becoming a carrier for really smart solutions.


Natlab – a lost love

Despite Philips’ decline, former researcher Marcel Pelgrom believes that the company would still benefit from a Natlab-style industrial research laboratory.