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Seecubic doubles down on glasses-free 3D in Eindhoven

As 4K technology has become the new standard in video resolution, Seecubic’s glasses-free 3D solution offers a new dimension for OEMs. But after several years of maturation and small-volume production, the company is looking to get back to what it does best: development and innovation for the future.


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Coaching in the third wave of Agile – part 1

As an organization’s Agile maturity grows over time, the coaching challenges and scope change. Derk-Jan de Grood discusses the evolving role of the Agile coach in the three waves of Agile. Part 1 of 2.

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Why your data is useless

In most companies, most data is useless or requires prohibitive amounts of human effort to unlock the value that it contains. We should clean up the mess, get rid of the useless data and generate data in ways that actually make sense.