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A bright future for silicon nitride integrated photonics

No technology platform can do it all in integrated photonics. In part I of a four-part series, we take a closer look at a base material that stands out for its low light losses and broad spectral coverage: silicon nitride.

TUE project for waterway locks yields technology and startup

Rijkswaterstaat produces slightly more than one lock a year but wants to have renovated 52 of its 137 locks in 20 years. A search with Eindhoven University of Technology for greater efficiency yielded a standardized language and the new startup Ratio.

The man who invented the computer but never built one

A century before Alan Turing’s seminal work, Charles Babbage foreshadowed many features of modern computing.

Piecing together the systems puzzle is a collaborative effort

In the past twenty years, high-tech systems have become incredibly complex. ASML and its supplier VDL ETG discuss how this has impacted the role of the system engineer. Architecting, they conclude, is becoming more and more a team effort – and so is the training of architects.

In other news

Students detect batteries in waste streams with AI (TUE)
Google engineer says Lamda AI system may have its own feelings (BBC)
“Tesla Autopilot accounts for 70% of driver assist crashes” (The Register)
UK seeks to install quantum computers in battlefield tanks (The Defense Post)
Qualcomm wins fight against $1B EU antitrust fine (Reuters)

AI as a service

For most companies, it doesn’t make sense to embrace AI as part of their core business. They should procure the expertise as a service, writes Albert van Breemen.

Boost your digitalization: organization dimension

To be successful in the digital transformation, at least the notion of cross-functional teams, developing new skill sets, both technical and personal, as well as new forms of leadership need to be realized.