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Goodbye manual test cases, hello model-based testing

After many success stories in other markets, model-based testing is starting to gain momentum in high tech. Julien Schmaltz from CGI, Johan Poelsma from ICT and Bryan Bakker from Sioux are committed to strengthening the foothold.


East Asia rolls out welcome mat for Brainport as China loses allure

Brainport companies are looking beyond China to expand manufacturing operations in Asia, but cooling relations between Beijing and the West play only a minor part in those plans.


€15M to fund Dutch quantum startups

Quantum Delta NL has launched the new 15-million-euro QDNL Participations fund to help turn Dutch quantum technology research into venture capital-investable startups.


Delft 3D quantum processor enables massive scaling

Quantware has launched a quantum processor that leverages 3D technology to enable massive scaling.


Europe’s Quantum Flagship off to a promising start

Europe’s quantum technology ecosystem is “showing strong signs of growth,” according to a study published by the European Commission.


Quantum market to triple by 2030

The global quantum market will grow from 760 million dollars last year to 2.1 billion dollars in 2030, according to Yole Intelligence.

In other news

Majorana research crawls back on its feet (Delta)
Nexperia expands cleanroom space in Germany (Evertiq)
The US would sooner see TSMC fabs burn than let China have them (The Register)
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AI is teamwork

Like with any tool, it’s knowing how to use it that makes a deep-learning algorithm useful, observes Albert van Bremen.


Protagonist rule #1: Own it

The big risk for many of us is to start hedging to make the pain of failing less bad. In that process, we easily become our own worst enemies.


Kofi Makinwa saluted as ISSCC’s most prolific contributor of all time

The ISSCC has recognized Delft University of Technology’s Kofi Makinwa as the conference’s top contributor over the past 70 years.


Sioux contributes to new diagnostic technology for heart disease

Sioux Technologies, Dutch medical device manufacturer Wellinq and UK-based medical fiber-optic sensing specialist Echopoint Medical are launching a new technology to detect heart disease.


Dutch battery startup Eleo has already outgrown its first factory

Electrification of heavy machinery such as excavators and combine harvesters is still in its infancy, largely because of the complexity and cost of the required battery packs. Helmond-based startup Eleo has developed a solution.